Simply Pilates by Cecile

Individualized Master Pilates Instruction

Simply Pilates by Cecile is a pilates studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   Simply Pilates specializes in Private and semi-private/duet pilates instruction and workout sessions by master pilates teacher Cecile Lemoine Bankston utilizing the core principles of Joseph Pilates.

My Pilates Journey Part I

I began my Pilates journey back in 1983 at the Houston Ballet’s Pilates studio. I was very fortunate to have had this introduction to Pilates as Houston was one of the first cities outside of New york and California to have Pilates. As dancers, Pilates was considered part of our conditioning routine. Some dancers did it on a regular basis, and some, like me, were introduced to it after an injury. Pilates was the place to go to stay in the same type of shape one needed to be in to dance. The Pilates method created long and lean muscles just like a dancer’s body, and many of the movements were very close to movements one did as a dancer. We even used to call the Reformer “The Plie Machine”!

I did not know it at the time but I was studying with someone who would go on to become one of the world’s leading instructors, Michael King! And to top it off the program was designed by another world renowned teacher, Alan Herdman. There were other incredible instructors there as well, and very soon after I began taking, I got addicted and wanted to go to Pilates whenever I had the time. I, like most dancers who do Pilates, credit Pilates as being the cross training I needed to develop my core muscles, which led to my being a much better dancer, as well as being injury free.

Throughout my many travels and years as a dancer, I always tried to seek out a Pilates studio wherever I was. Back then, sometimes it was very hard, but as the years passed, Pilates became more and more popular, at least among the dance community! It would take much longer for it to become mainstream as it is today.

Stay tuned for another installment of my journey to see how and why I became a Pilates teacher.